Dishcrawl v2.0

photo by Twink.

So my illustrious dining companion and I decided that we had enough fun at the first Dishcrawl to give it another shot.  This time, we were in the neighborhood known as Midtown Village.  She was “Twink” (as in twinkle) and I was “Viv” (as in vivid). 

We started the evening at Graffiti bar.  Outside.  In Philadelphia.  In early March.  I don’t know what they were thinking, but fortunately, it wasn’t too chilly.  Twink had the bartender whip us up a lovely concoction of Stoli Vanil, ginger ale, and cranberry juice.  The food was provided by Sampan, and included chicken skewers with wasabi, some cheesesteak-y bruschetta, and edamame tortellini.  The chicken and the bruschetta were both really tasty, but the edamame were in an overly salty seaweed broth that we did not much care for.  Next stop was Fish, where we were served a charcuterie plate, oysters on the half shell, and some weird rice flour/fishy thing that dissolved in your mouth in an icky way.  But the big plus at Fish was Jeremy (bartender, natch….and possibly Twink’s third husband),  who first made us a delightful cocktail of citrus vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and St. Germain, followed by one containing aquavit, pisco, St. Germain again, and lemon, lime, and pomegranate juices.  He really was the highlight of the evening.  Our last stop was the The Farmer’s Cabinet.  They’ve worked really hard on an apothecary/speakeasy vibe, and mostly succeeded.  We got some outrageously expensive but tasty cocktails (never saw the cocktail menu, so I’m not sure what it was exactly).    The food was yummy:  another charcuterie plate, roasted butternut squash soup shooters, and one of their signature dishes of a Bavarian pretzel with stone ground mustard.  Desserts were a variety of the cutest little cupcake confections brought in by Melissa of the Cupcake Friday Project.

The Dishcrawl folks seemed a little less organized this time than the last time.  They didn’t seem really to have coordinated seating arrangements at all of the restaurants, or planned out the menu well (not that I’m complaining about the duplicate charcuterie plates!).  I still think it’s a fun way to sample out a bunch of different restaurants that we might not otherwise get to (& an opportunity to flirt with cute bartenders), so we’ll probably try it again next time.  Twink–are you still in?

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