Interchangeable Heads!

At Clayathon in January, guest artist Leslie Blackford demoed her “Off With Your Heads” technique, where a light bulb is used so that various heads can be screwed on and off.  Leslie made the body, and gave it to me on the condition that I make a head for it. 

I made the head on the left that weekend, but added a jaunty, feathered cap at the Crop House in February.  That same weekend in February, I also made the Cyclops (center) and Two-Face (right)….yes, there is another face on the back of that grinning head!

This is the first real sculpting that I’ve done.  Leslie was so generous with her knowledge (and to give me the body!  Wait….that doesn’t sound so good.), and was very encouraging toward my initial efforts.    I’d like to thank her for her kindness, and for pushing me in a direction that I probably would not have gone otherwise–I’m having way more fun with it than I expected.

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