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I realized yesterday that I’ve been away for three art retreat weekends this year (Clayathon in January, Crop House in February, and Art & Soul last weekend), and haven’t really posted any photos of what I’ve done there.  (Although I did use Martha’s bracelet photo from Clayathon.)

At Art & Soul last weekend, I took three classes:  No Solder Bezels with Barbara Lewis, No Solder Etched Shadow Box with Christine Atkins, and Soldering for Virgins with Sally Jean Alexander-.  What I really liked about all three classes is that the teachers were extremely organized, so everything flowed the way it was supposed to.  And I walked out of all three classes with very nice finished work.  (I’m particularly proud of the necklace that I made from one of the shadow boxes I made in Christine’s class.)  I spent a couple of extra days in Virginia Beach….just walking on the beach, carving more polymer clay bracelets, and mixing up the cocktail known as “creamy crack”.  (And, if you had some, you’d understand why we call it that.)

Unfortunately, my camera is still packed away somewhere….at least, I hope it’s packed away and not lost.  As soon as I locate it, I’ll post some pics.

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