Dishcrawl Philly

(photo by Esme)

Last night was the inaugural Dishcrawl Philly.  Dishcrawl is a lot like a pub crawl, only with food instead of drinks.  My dining companion and I first assumed aliases (aliai?):  “Esme” (short for Esmerelda) for her, “Max” for me.  (You all know my policy on naming names, but I’m not sure that applies to fake names.)  We launched from Cantina dos Segundos, where we ordered margaritas with vodka instead of tequila; melon for her, blood orange for me.  (I’m sure that then they aren’t technically magaritas anymore, and they were way too sweet for us anyway.)  Foodwise, we had turkey tacos, porkbelly tacos, and what I think was a beef quesadilla.    Our next stop was Silk City, where we drank vodka tonics (blueberry vodka with lemon for her, orange vodka with lime for me) and ate sweet potato empanadas, mini Reuben sandwiches, and fried chicken with mashed potatoes, collard greens, and corn bread.  The empanadas and Reubens are soon to be added to their menu, so they were totally guineapigging us.  Our final stop was the Blind Pig.  We drank cherry vodka tonics, and ate vegetable spaetzle, pulled pork sliders, and alligator sausage (which does not appear on the regular menu).  Up to this point, all of the food was decent.  Dessert was cookies from a local bakery, and I didn’t think they were that interesting.  (I didn’t even finish mine. )  All in all, Dishcrawl was a fun way to sample a bunch of restaurants in a given neighborhood.  I don’t know how often they’ll be scheduled, but I’ ll certainly try it again. 

Hey, Esme:  Think of what your name should be next time.  (I think you should maybe go with “Twink”. And I’ll be “Viv”.  Your thoughts?)

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4 Responses to Dishcrawl Philly

  1. Esmeralda says:

    Twink it is!
    I vote for making it a tradition to order drinks but switch up the alcohol… Like whiskey mohitos

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Hey, Twink.
    I think I could go for that tradition. (Although I don’t drink tequila or gin….but I’d be game to try whiskey, rum, and almost any liqueur except Jaeger & Rumpleminz). I got the email today….the next one is March 6 in Midtown. Are you in?
    Plus, we should stop back @ Silk City sometime & try “Root” & “Snap”.
    With fondest affections,

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