20 Things–Clayathon

Every year, a group of polymer clay artists convene at the Jersey shore over MLK weekend for Clayathon.  This event was started by the South Jersey PolyAddicts, but has grown to include artists from near & far.  The guest artist this year was the delightful Leslie Blackford.  (See Leslie’s work here.)  Here’s some of what I did this year….

  1. had yummy Thai lunch
  2. made a bunch of bracelets
  3. cleaned the room with body spray
  4. walked the boardwalk at night
  5. ninja mummy!
  6. ate the chef’s tasting menu @ Buddakan
  7. threw a small cocktail party in the hotel room
  8. drove a Prius
  9. sculpted a hydrocephalitic bird
  10. “I’m having a pants problem.”
  11. broke the restaurant
  12. received a skull bracelet
  13. did not commit a felony
  14. ate dark chocolate-covered ginger
  15. led someone down the garden path
  16. bought some new books
  17. saw the ocean at sunset
  18. traded bracelet blanks for all sorts of stuff
  19. “I lost my I.D. in a flood….”
  20. enjoyed a fun weekend with my clay pals.
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3 Responses to 20 Things–Clayathon

  1. Suzie-Q says:

    Miss you and it so much!

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Oh, Suzie-Q! We missed you, too!
    (Hey, that rhymes!)

  3. Sarah Sorlien says:

    I lost my wife too… But her name wasn’t Idy, and it wasn’t in a flood.
    Had a great time too!

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