Gifts, Given & Received

Traditionally, people give each other presents at Christmas.  But I already have more stuff than I need, and, anyway, everybody knows that the best things in life aren’t things.  To that end, we tried this year to do things a little bit differently….

When people asked what I wanted this year, I asked for an hour of time to help clean out my basement.  While some people are traditionalists (my mother pointed out that you can’t wrap an hour & put it under the tree), a surprising number of people (including my mom) agreed to give me a little bit of time.  I’m so excited to get started!  Other people felt that consumables were appropriate gifts.  As the recipient of chocolates, cookies, truffle oil, and homemade limoncello, I could not agree more! 

On the giving side, we redid my goddaughter’s room as her Christmas gift.  Her mother, grandmother, other aunt, and I spent an entire day repainting her room and bathroom (from little girl pink & purple to funky grass green & robin’s egg blue), rearranging the furniture, and updating all of the accessories.  This is the room that can take her from being a little girl to a teenager (oy!), and she could not be more thrilled!

Also, my brother commissioned polymer clay jewelry for his sisters-in-law.  I was honored to be asked–they’re lovely women, and it’s great to cement the family connection.  Here’s what I made for them:

(Fingers crossed that they like their gifts.)

I didn’t get to see everybody I would have wanted to, but I did get to spend time with lots of family & friends, which is really where it’s at.  I hope you & yours had a lovely holiday, too.

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4 Responses to Gifts, Given & Received

  1. baba paul says:

    Love these and I’m sure they did too!

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Thanks, Baba. I haven’t heard back yet about how they liked these, but I was pleased with the results.

  3. The Loser Brother & Hubby says:

    Well, being the loser that your brother is, I decided to make them birthday gifts for the sisters-in-law as their birthdays are both in February (it must be a sister thang). ;-P Tricia (the greenish-blue one) will definitely be out in California in early March & we’re pushing for Laura (the brownish-gold one) to come out as well, though her hubby tends to object when she’s gone too long. So…we’ll all just have to wait a bit longer to get their reactions. I can say definitively though that the hubby & I are both beyond pleased with the outcome of our request! We’ll keep you all posted on the ultimate outcome….

    P.S. The hubby just learned that there’s a perma-link to this blog on the browser…apparently a gold star followed by “More Mojo, Less Hobo” at the top left of Internet Explorer was a bit too subtle for him….

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      Geez. If I had known that you didn’t need them until February…..
      Nah. Nevermind. I would have just slacked & done it at the last minute then instead of at the last minute in December. (As you know, my business cards even say “Slacker.” right on them.) I’m glad you guys are pleased with the outcome–I just hope that the sisters-in-law are, too.

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