Feeling Festive

Yes, I know it’s ridiculously early to start the holiday partying, especially when it’s still in the mid-60’s.  But, with only three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do….which, in this case, is to throw a holiday party on the first weekend in December.

First, let me just say that if the stickiness of the floor indicates how good the party was, then it was a huge success.  Second, I should add that it’s about time y’all learned to drink without quite so much spillage.

Actually, it really was a great party.  The house looked fantastic.  The tree was set up and awaiting decoration.  An impressive buffet was prepped & laid out, and more (and more) showed up as the evening wore on.  (Nobody will ever starve with this crowd.)  Many variations on the cosmo theme were prepared at the kitchen bar. The ginger vodka was a big hit.  My entry won the best-of in the vodka-tasting contest.  (Unfortunately, no monetary prizes–just the knowledge that I have superior taste.)  The house is not big, and gets a little cozy when filled with so many wonderful people.  The comment that I’ve gotten the most often is, “Your friends are really nice.” To which I always reply with something like, “I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself.”  But what I’m thinking is more along the lines of, “Well, duh.  I wouldn’t have invited them otherwise.”  But they are….and I love that my family (both by blood and by choice) and my longtime dear friends and my art crew and my work posse are all so warm & open that it just all ends up being like one big happy mix-n-match family.  And when you tell these people that it’s a tree trimming party, they show up with new ornaments; some store bought, some handmade….but from the glittery T. Rex to the crocheted skull in a Santa hat to the green glass ball that looks like origami, all gorgeous and interesting and perfect.

So while I always feel like I should wish for something lofty like world peace (or whirled peas) for Christmas, I’m just happy to have started the season off in such a lovely way….filled with cookies and conversation and good food and vodka and those nearest and dearest to my heart.  Thank you all for helping me kick off the holiday festivities in the best way possible.  It’s the most splendid gift I could ever ask for.

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