Shh! (20 Things–Las Vegas)

I haven’t figured out a loophole yet, so keep this on the DL:

  1. Took classes from an international coterie of teachers
  2. Hung out with some young Marines
  3. Sculpted a skull
  4. Drank with El Presidente
  5. Admired the Chihuly ceiling
  6. Lounged by the fire pit at the Peppermill
  7. Used radiolaria as inspiration
  8. Watched the volcanic eruption
  9. Dined at Red Square
  10. Bought a rhinestone-encrusted flask
  11. Was denied Grimaldi’s
  12. Did a lunchtime shot with some Japanese guys
  13. Won a bracelet
  14. Marked 11:11 11/11/11
  15. Played along with “Name that Tune”
  16. Contemplated the bean
  17. Tried the “modern Cuban”
  18. Lusted after chrome skull cabinet knobs
  19. Won a pirate duck
  20. Have a new favorite vodka
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2 Responses to Shh! (20 Things–Las Vegas)

  1. Baba says:

    Awesome!! Now where are the pics? 🙂

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