There’s something about swimming out of season that just feels deliciously decadent. It’s chilly here now, and there’s still a little snow left on the ground from last weekend’s nor’easter. And yet there I was this evening, watching the half moon rise from an indoor swimming pool. I can’t explain why it feels so good, why it’s so much better than swimming in the summer.

Two of my favorite memories of swimming….at the Gellert Spa, in Budapest, in November, moving back and forth between two pools of slightly different temperatures.  By the end, the warmer one feels very hot, and the cooler one feels very chilly.  It may not sound it, but it is extremely relaxing.  But even better than that–Chena Hot Springs, swimming outside.  In Alaska.  In February.  With icicles forming in your hair while you swim around in the warm spring, surrounded by snow.  Gorgeous, and slightly surreal.

Maybe that’s why it’s better.  You can swim anytime in the summer (well, except for those 20 minutes right after you eat).  But swimming out of season is just a little more special, more surreal, more precious.

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