20 Things–Asheville

Before I get too far in posting about my recent trip, let’s take care of the 20 things: 

  1. admired the fall foliage
  2. bought a chartreuse, French, fish-shaped gravy boat
  3. drank Patagonian wine
  4. visited the Biltmore
  5. toured Lark books
  6. ate the best Cubano burrito ever
  7. froze my butt off at sunrise
  8. wandered the River Arts district
  9. bought a frock (at Frock)
  10. worked on this blog
  11. drank a masala chai liquid truffle
  12. saw native Southern bonsai
  13. ate some good, cheap butt
  14. hung out at Green Girl Studios
  15. avoided the LAB loaf
  16. attended the Southern Highlands Craft Fair
  17. bought skull shot glasses
  18. hung out in the double-decker bus
  19. ate at a restaurant called “Nachos & Beer”
  20. made a bunch of new friends

Until next time….

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2 Responses to 20 Things–Asheville

  1. Ken Thomas says:

    Hey, the LAB loaf was delicious.

    …and it wasn’t THAT cold.
    OK. yeah. It was pretty cold.

  2. katemckinnon says:

    Excellent! I was hoping for a 20 things list.

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