Naming Names


For the most part, I’ve chosen to keep a very low profile on the web.  If you search for my name or my image, you won’t find much.  This has been a conscious decision on my part.   I prefer to keep my personal information, you know, personal.  (So it should be no surprise to learn that I’m not on facebook, either.)

I think that’s about to change, though.  For one, I just learned that a well thought out search can get you here fairly quickly.  For two, part of what I’m doing here in points South is a blogging/photography workshop with Kate McKinnon and Andrew Thornton.  The nature of the class is such that you’ll see photos of me and by me on our group Flickr site ( and on the others’ blogs, and possibly find my blog linked to some of their blogs, too.Here’re some of the folks that I’m here with:  

Kate on the double decker bus.


Andrew, contemplating lunch.


Baba & Dawn in their new hats.


Doriot & the glowing purple vase.


Ellen at the Blue Spiral.


Andrew & Charlene at the Botanical Gardens.


Ken at sunrise.


Which leads me to the next question….(And, yes, I am aware that there was not a first question.)  In addition to keeping a low profile for myself, I’ve also made it a policy to not name names on this blog.  So if I’ve mentioned you specifically here before, it’s been with something somewhat cryptic (like the BFF, or the Cultgang covenant).  Now’s your chance to tell me how you feel about that.  If you don’t mind being publicly associated with me (which may or may not be a foolish decision), let me know and I’ll start to use your name here.  If you prefer to keep things on the DL, let me know that, too, and I’ll continue to make up names for you as needed. 

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3 Responses to Naming Names

  1. dawnsherrill says:

    Ha! Yes you may use my name……Dawn Michelle Kittrell Hammond Sherrill Gabor. Can’t wait to see you again! You Crazy Scientist Woman…….


  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Somehow, I did not realize that you had so many names! (But I’m not surprised–it suits you.) I had a great time with all y’all, and can’t wait until we’re together again. (Think about A&S–I promise I’ll bring liquor!)

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