I’ve Been Everywhere, Man.

I hereby declare 2011 “The Year of the Road Trip.”  (Insert strains of Johnny Cash here.)  I’ve tried to take a trip a month for most of the year.  In March, I flew to CA.  In April, Art & Soul in Hampton, VA.  In May & June, the New England trips of Provincetown, MA and Jamestown, RI.  In July, the trip to the Space Coast with Dad.  Sadly, the August trip was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.  In September, back to P-town.  Now, in October, I’m enjoying the fall foliage & time with new friends in Asheville, NC.

If you’ve not been here, all y’all (see, I’m learning the local language!) should consider visiting.  The downtown area is adorable, very walkable, with very cute shops and great restaurants that pride themselves on locally-sourced food.  (Specific recommendations in a separate post.)

The Biltmore is worth seeing once.  I don’t know that I would go back again, in the same way that the Newport mansions don’t hold much appeal for me.  But nearby, I found a lovely shop that specializes in balsamic vinegars & olive oils.  What’s not to love about that?

Now I’m in a house in a nearby town with a bunch of new friends.  We have lots of wine (and some vodka), and so far, the food and the company have been lovely.  We have an interesting itinerary planned….so more news later on that.

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