The Playlist, Autumn 2011

Listening to music can be a real mood-lifter for me.  I’ve even starting listening to my ipod at work, with only one side of the earphones in (in case there’s a safety announcement that I really need to hear).  A lot of the stuff from the summer playlist is still in fairly heavy rotation, but here are some new additions for fall:

  • Someone Like You–Adele
  • Pumped Up Kicks–Foster the People
  • (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes–Elvis Costello
  • Bed of Roses–Mild Bill
  • Little Talks–Of Monsters and Men
  • Slave to Love–Bryan Ferry
  • Til the World Ends–Britney Spears (yes, it’s my secret shame that I like a Britney Spears song.)
  • Young Blood–The Naked and Famous
  • Southside–Moby
  • Defying Gravity–from “Wicked”
  • Addicted to Love (the old Robert Palmer song)–Florence + the machine
  • Howlin’ for You–the Black Keys

As always, feel free to make suggestions.  There’s plenty of room on the ipod!  (OK.  “Plenty” might be an exaggeration.  But there is some free space.)

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