An Omission

I got some flak last night for not posting about an evening out a few weeks ago. It was a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday party, that I went to with the BFF and her SIL. First, the adventure of parking in Chinatown, where streets seemed to randomly open and close as we drove around searching. The party started in a karaoke room at Yakatori Boy. But after one (slow) round of X-Rated martinis, the three of us ended up hanging out at the bar instead. Then something happened in the karaoke room….and I’m not sure if we were thrown out or if we just left.
But, moving on, we ended up at hipster hangout Silk City. New since I was last there (in all fairness, probably a decade ago) is the outdoor beer garden. It was a beautiful night, with a full moon, and we had a lovely time. (And, at this point, the SIL’s BFF joins the party.)
As the party winds down, the BFF heads for home, and I head to the Raven with the SIL and her BFF, where we shook our groove things to some pretty awful music. On the way back to the car, I caught my heel in a crack in the sidewalk, and down I went. One twisted ankle, one bruised knee, and one bruised wrist. Ouch! That’ll teach me to wear 4″ heels! The SIL’s BFF got me set up with ice and elevation, which probably helped me heal faster than I might have otherwise. But a much more dramatic ending to a fun evening than I would have hoped.
The SIL’s b-day is coming up soon….so I expect we’ll be having a similar adventure (hopefully, sans fall). Oh, and we gave the b-day girl Three Olives Cake vodka, which we didn’t try out that night. So maybe we’ll include that in the upcoming b-day celebration….

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