The P & P Drinking Company

In one of my previous posts, I referenced the P & P Drinking Company. This is a collaboration that I have with one of my dearest friends (don’t tell him I said that). Guess where we’re focusing our attentions? The address of the new blog is:
I would tell you to look for new cocktail recipes soon…but we’ve been drinking, so don’t hold your breath. In the meantime, we have posted the recipe for the Cherry Berry Lemon Fizz (TM), a very refreshing summer cocktail. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to The P & P Drinking Company

  1. scott says:

    saw you on match….have immensely enjoyed reading your blog!


    • artsy.sciencey says:

      Hi Scott.
      Welcome aboard! Hopefully, you’ll continue to find it interesting here. Feel free to comment anytime–I’m always looking for input!


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