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Last weekend, my illustrious dining companion and I decided to try Blackfish in Conshohocken.  It’s a restaurant that I’ve looked at in the past, and decided not to go to.  The food is heavy on weird ingredients and on seafood (which I don’t really eat), and it seemed really expensive.  But sometimes, you just need to try something different.

At my friend’s urging (and after the waiter determined that it could be done without seafood), we tried the five course chef’s tasing menu.  First, a little amuse-bouche of watermelon-olive oil soup.  Served cold, just a couple of sips, heavy on the basil, plus a little of something sharp (citrus?) really brought all of the flavors together.  Course #1:  sweetbreads with a peach puree and red onion.  I’ve never had sweetbreads before, and I can see how, in the wrong hands, it’d be a disaster.  But crispy on the outside, buttery texture on the inside, flavors perfectly balanced with the peach and the onion….It’s not something I ever would have ordered, but wow!  Next course was a boneless chicken wing with charred scallion and creamy, sweet, fresh polenta.  Then the zucchini risotto.  The last food course some kind of meat that I don’t exactly remember what it was (I was nearly in a food coma at this point, and worried about saving room for dessert!).  It was lovely, though, two large pieces (we each sent one home for her husband) of meat, perfectly cooked, with a fresh mixed tomato salad on top.  And for dessert–a single caramel-cinnamon beignet, that was just a perfect sweet ending.

Overall, I can recommend the chef’s tasting menu.  It’s expensive, but not much more than just ordering off of the menu.  And everything is made fresh, just for you, and is the stuff that the chef really wants to be making, so you get the best of everything.

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