The Fruits of My Labor

Ok.  That’s an exaggeration.  Really just fruit…no labor involved.  Last year, I planted a  pear tree (self pollinating) and a gendered pair of plum trees.  Both fruited last year, but the bastard squirrels got it all before it was ripe, so I got nothing.  But this year….

The pears are ripening on the windowsill, but we ate the plum right away.  It was small, but so so good–sweet flesh, tart skin, nearly perfect. 

There’s one more plum left on the tree, and I found a pear on the ground today.  The bastard squirrels got most of it, but at least I got to enjoy some this year.

ETA:  Those pears are pretty, but not tasty.  The bastard squirrels can have them.  The plums are delectable, so I will need to figure out a) how to get the tree to make more of them and b) how to keep them for myself.

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