20 Things: Space Coast

Dad and I took our first vacation that was just the two of us, and drove to Florida to watch the final space shuttle launch.  We spent four days driving to spend less than 48 hrs. at our destination, and it was totally worth it.  Here’s some of the adventures that were had along the way….

  1. spent the night in Spotsylvania
  2. weathered monster storms
  3. how do you know you’re in North Carolina?
  4. there’s a chicken at the rest stop
  5. ate deep-fried goodness in Darien, GA
  6. worked up some interesting launch statistics
  7. played mini-golf
  8. got Sticky Fingers
  9. squared Savannah
  10. went to a post-launch party
  11. where we did not meet any astronauts
  12. walked on Cocoa Beach
  13. ate at Dixie Crossroads
  14. finished the green bracelet
  15. saw some of my CaliBoys
  16. bought beads behind the steak house
  17. got “I’m a Shuttle Fan” fans
  18. couldn’t find a diner
  19. availed ourselves of the various bars at the Hilton
  20. saw the final Space Shuttle launch (!).

Until next time….




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