State of Independence

In my town, they do the big fireworks celebration on July 3, in the park right around the corner from my house.   We barbeque at my place, and then walk over.  (Some people stay and watch them from the front porch.  That’s how close it is.)  I thought it was going to be a hard day for me–this is a holiday that my ex and I very much celebrated together.

Instead, everything worked out great.  There was some talk of rain, which never materialized.  My parents showed up early to help me pull out & wipe down all of the outdoor furniture (and trim the mulberry tree that’s starting to take up the whole yard).  My friend & her husband came over only slightly later to prepare the grill & fix the screen door.  People brought all sorts of yumminess, from chorizo burgers to sausage & peppers to pickled green beans to Asian slaw to chocolate chip cookies and blueberry-apple bread pudding.  I made black bean & corn salsa (a staple for me) and a cucumber salad.  And the fireworks display was lovely, as ever.

I awoke this morning with a line from “By Way of Sorrow” by CryCryCry running through my head:  All the nights that joy has slept will awake to days of laughter.  And that’s what yesterday was–a yard full of wonderful people, great food, and fireworks…a day of laughter.  Thanks, everybody!

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2 Responses to State of Independence

  1. ornamento says:

    And thanks to you for a lovely evening.

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