20 Things: Jamestown

Once again, by the grace of friends, I was invited to spend the weekend in Jamestown, RI.  It is one of my favorite places in the world (and they are some of my favorite people), and I am so grateful to be invited back every year.  Here’s some of what happened:

  1. Cheated at 20 questions
  2. Drank itsy bitsy teeny weeny little kiwi appletinis
  3. Added key lime gelato to said appletinis
  4. Attempted to help with a jigsaw puzzle
  5. Ate a blueberry sourdough Slice of Heaven
  6. Played in the tide pools
  7. Learned that I’m the bird savant
  8. Hiked the Conanicut Battery
  9. Ate a steamer (ick)
  10. Carved some bracelet sets
  11. Two things:  Clementine vodka & Polar orange dry
  12. Ate tiny red velvet cupcakes
  13. Shopped for binoculars
  14. Made a red necklace
  15. Ate Mexicali chocolate ice cream
  16. Saw the silver at the Purple Door
  17. Drank creamy limoncello
  18. My bird says “drink-your-tea” (Eastern Towhee)
  19. Received cute skull earrings
  20. Admired the view from the porch (See previous post.)

Photos of what we made to be posted soon.

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