I know,  I know.   I haven’t done the 20 Things P-town yet.   It’s coming, but first….a delightful epicurean adventure.   I met friends for dinner at Tria in Philadelphia.   Tria celebrates wine, cheese, and beer, and has a variety of small plates.   For starters,  we shared the cured Spanish pork tenderloin with pickled golden raisins and baby cilantro;  spicy crab and potato-stuffed piquillo peppers with parsley-garlic oil;  warm poached black mission figs with gorgonzola and prosciutto di Parma;  and roasted beets with Bulgarian feta cheese.   I know it sounds kind of pretentious,  but everything was so fresh & all the flavors are very well balanced.   With a glass of sauvignon blanc and the Claudio fresh mozzarella,  crispy prosciutto,  tomato,  arugula and garlic vinaigrette sandwich for the entree,  the entire meal was totally delish.   Topped the evening off with a little sweet bite from Capogiro — cucumber (surprisingly refreshing) and strawberry (goes so well with the cucumber) gelatos.   All in all, some wonderful foodstuffs with some wonderful peeps.  A successful evening in the quest for fab!

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2 Responses to Yummy.

  1. katemckinnon says:

    what amazingly delicious sounding food. I MUST eat here.

    • avemedusa says:

      Hi Kate.
      It was wonderful. I keep thinking about the figs. Are you going to be in the Philly area in Aug. for Beadfest? Let’s go out to dinner!

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