My Bedroom

One of the first things I did this year was get new bedroom furniture.  I had sold my furniture last year, and just hadn’t figured out exactly what I wanted.  But moving off the couch seemed like a good idea (not really–I do have a super-comfy couch).  I looked online, and found a bed that I liked, and one that I thought looked kind of silly.  Guess which one I ended up with?

Here’s a pic:

No, that’s not a pic of my actual bedroom.  I pulled it off the vendor website (  It would be a little weird to post a picture of my bedroom, I think, even though I did make my bed this morning.

(Oh, and I got the hardest mattress that they had in the store.  The friend that went with me said, “Oh, my God.  It’s like jumping on a brick.”  Which is how I knew it was the right one.)

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