My Donation

So the #1 question that I’ve been asked since I started this blog is this:
You are going to put pictures of your work up, right?
The answer to this is:  of course I am.  And this kind of public accountability might even make me almost productive.
So here’s Round 1, the first thing(s) I’ve made since I started the blog.  Every year, the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild holds a fundraising event.  (For more info, visit their blog at  This bracelet set was my contribution to this year’s fundraiser.

These brass bracelet blanks are something that I’ve been playing with for a while.  It’s pretty straightforward to lay polymer clay into the channel.  The carving into (bottom bracelet) and the drawing on (the second from the bottom) the clay are new for me,  and a direct result of last month’s class with Cynthia Toops.  These bracelets look great on the winner, and matched the orange sweater that she had on beautifully.  (Pics of my copious winnings will be posted separately.)

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