The Broken Record.

Something that’s been number one with a bullet on my greatest hits list lately is how wonderful the people in my life are.   I knew my peeps were good.   It just took a little adversity for me to see how unbelievably freakin’ awesome they are.   None of them have given permission to be publicly named.  (I haven’t yet asked, and I would hate to out somebody without their okay.   After all, would you be willing to admit a) that you even know me and b) have the what?….nerve? bravery? gumption? to be my friend?)
But in all sincerity, I owe a lot of people a huge load of gratitude.   Without them, a hard time in my life would have been completely unbearable.   So to those who put me up, let me cry (It is downright embarrassing how many people are now aware that I have the capacity for tears. So much for my tough girl persona.), brought or made me food (and made me eat it), just plain listened, provided the vodka, offered violence on my behalf, and are helping to reshape my life–thank you.   You all promised me that it would get better, and it has…in no small part because of you.
For real and for true, you people rock my world.

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