I Am One Classy Dame.

Part of what I’ve been doing with my year so far is taking classes.  The Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild sponsored classes with Louise Fischer Cozzi (See Louise’s work at:  louisefischercozzi.com) and Cynthia Toops (Cynthia & Dan’s website:  cdbeads.biz).  Both were wonderful teachers, and lovely people to spend some time with.  Cynthia Tinapple of Polymer Clay Daily reported on the class–My pieces are shown in the first and last images of student work.  (Post here: http://www.polymerclaydaily.com/toops_phila2011/) 

Last weekend, I went to Art & Soul in Hampton, VA. While the best part of A & S is spending time with my cultgang covenant, I did manage to squeeze in classes with Richard Salley (toolmaking and a hinged bracelet classes), Susan Lenart Kazmer (earrings), Ty and Marcia Schultz (mold making and metal casting), and Jane Wynn (tiny reliquary boxes).  Not to mention a side trip to Mary Helen’s for soul food {I got fried chicken and yams with a side of yams}, line dancing, and karoake.  It’s totally the happening place to be in Hampton on a Friday night.
All of these classes are great, and these instructors are all wonderful artists and teachers.  But for the most part, I don’t learn very much that I don’t already know or couldn’t figure out on my own.  It’s more about the experience–the spending time with talented, generous people (both the teachers and the other students) and maybe picking up a little knowledge.

So now what?  Well, it’s time to put some of those skills to some practical use.  I have some empty wall space that I have an idea for–a modification of some bowls that I made out of polymer clay, adapted to a wall piece.  And to make some more in the series of carved bracelet sets that I’ve been working on.   Hmmm….add that enameling class that I’m scheduled to take with Barbara Lewis in August, and all sorts of things become possible!  The only question is what to do next.

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