In the beginning….

God created the heavens and the earth, then the dinosaurs lived and died, and then I came along.  Perhaps that’s an oversimplification of the history of the world, but that’s what we’re going with right now.  OK.  Here’s the real story:

For the last couple of years, I’ve been doing Christine Kane’s word-of-the-year thing.  (I would link to it, but I have no idea how to do that yet.)  For 2010, my word was “Out!”  I felt like I couldn’t breathe, that I was being suffocated by the excess stuff that we had collected  For 2011, I chose the word “mojo”, because I felt like I’d lost mine and wanted to get it back.  Then the unexpected consequence of “Out!” happened–in addition to the excess stuff, I also managed to lose my 16-year relationship.  Given that, I still decided to go with “mojo” as my word….I think I probably need it now more than ever.  While I was talking about this with my BFF and her daughter, I came up with my personal motto for this year:  More mojo, less hobo.

So what does that mean?  It means I’m looking to inject some fabulousness into my life.  I expect that it will come from a variety of directions, so you can expect to read about fashion, home, food, and art, and whatever else tickles my sense of mojo.

More news soon….

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4 Responses to In the beginning….

  1. Jeff says:

    Hmmm…..a blog that apparently covers everything but sports? Could it be someone followed through on their threat/promise? If so, I fully expect to check back and find that More Mojo, Less Hobo has been subtitled BGJ – The ‘Net Generation. Anyway, glad to see you’re finding a nice outlet to let all of us who don’t talk to you nearly as much as we should check in on what’s doing, see nice pics of your stuff/where you’ve been/things you find interesting/certain siblings who you love so much. And even Rob said he thought it was funny and creative after I read him the first few entries. So you get the Pollack Spaceman Seal of Approval!

    • avemedusa says:

      That’s right. The concept of this blog was totally inspired by BGJ. However, since BGJ was my idea, I feel perfectly entitled to follow through on it. (You should feel free to start your own blog to bring BGJ from concept to reality. I would read it, except for the sports stuff.)
      I like the “Pollack Spaceman Seal of Approval”. We should trademark that!

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