On the Imbolc


Wise words for the new year.

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Skull-a-Day #5

IMG_9889.JPGAnd lastly, a t-shirt. Thus concludes Skull Week.

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Skull-a-Day #4

IMG_9854.JPGIce, ice baby.

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Skull-a-Day #3


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Skull-a-Day #2


Swarovski skull necklace, a la Julie Jernigan.

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Skull-a-Day #1


photo credit:  Seth Pinkham
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20 Things: London

Earlier this summer, I went to London on family vacation. (Not the family I was born into, but family nonetheless.) We stayed at an airbnb in Fitzrovia, which was a pretty perfect location. We ventured out to some of the suburban castles/palaces (which I had never done before)and found some great out-of-the way things to do in town. Here’s the list:

1. Saw “the Girls”
2. Stole a skull
3. Sketched at Sketch
4. Admired the Hokusai
5. Met Michael Kors at Balenciaga
6. Lunched in the crypt
7. With British chorale royalty
8. Spied from the London Eye
9. Changed the guard at Windsor
10. Did the rock & roll hootchie-coo
11. Had high tea at the Dorchester
12. Smelled the Tudor Roses at Hampton Court Palace
13. We’re so Fly, London
14. Dined late with the Earlys
15. Developed a passion for fashion at Spitalfield
16. Noshed on Indian tapas (and cocktails)….repeatedly
17. Love is love is love
18. Attended Evensong at St. Paul’s
19. Drank at some of the top 10 bars in the world
20. Dismount!

Thanks to my surrogate family for bringing me along…can’t wait for the next one!

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Photoblog: Key West

I’m going to skip the 20 things for Key West. When I went with Roger 2 years ago,we did all the Key West stuff. (You can read about it here.) This time, we did more relaxing pool side than sightseeing, but some things didn’t change: the view is still amazing, the greenery is gorgeous, and I am the iguana whisperer. And I am ever grateful to Roger for inviting me. Here’s some pretty pics:

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Photoblog: Paris

In the category of “better late than never….” I went to post my 20 Things for London, and realized that I never posted pics from our jaunt to Paris in April with my goddaughter. It was hard to narrow down the photos from such a great trip, with such great sights, food, and company, but here are some favorites:

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20 Things: Paris

Last month, I took my goddaughter to Paris for her 16th birthday. This is a trip that has literally been in the making since the day she was born, but I was a little nervous about it….she and I have never spent so much time together in one stretch, and she’d never been away from her mother that long. I really wasn’t sure how well it would go….but she turned out to be an engaging and adventurous travel partner. She was really game to do almost anything, eat anything, go anywhere. She had some things on her agenda, and I had some on mine, and I think we managed to hit just about everything. Here’s what we did…..

1. Sent my glasses on an adventure of their own
2. Admired the stained glass at Ste. Chappelle
3. Took selfies in the Hall of Mirrors
4. French french fries are the best
5. Went riding on the metro
6. Toured the opera house
7. And then went back for the ballet
8. Ate buckwheat crepes
9. Visited the mental hospital
10. Went Beyond the Stars at Musee d’Orsay
11. Climbed the Eiffel Tower
12. Tea for two, and two for tea
13. Wandered the gardens
14. And laughed at the square trees
15. Ate le mixte for breakfast
16. And macarons at Laduree
17. Swooned over the Monets at l’Orangerie
18. Visited Victoire de Samothrace and Lisa Gherardini
19. Sampled ALL the creme brulees
20. Had some memorable and quality bonding time together.

Until next time….

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